'Shareholder Democracies?' Corporate Governance in Britain, c. 1720-1844
Mark Freeman, Robin Pearson and James Taylor
Department of History, University of Hull

The project






Welcome to the website of 'Shareholder Democracies?', a major research project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and housed in the Department of History at the University of Hull.

The project commenced in October 2003. It examines the early evolution of governance in British business during the century or so before the advent of company registration and limited liability legislation, focusing on the internal relations between directors, managers and shareholders. It is based upon the surviving records of over 500 stock companies in several sectors of the British economy. To facilitate the analysis a new dataset has been constructed, containing data on the constitutional arrangements and organisational practices of these companies. The project seeks to add to our understanding of the interface between law, politics and business in Britain during this period of accelerating economic change, and to our understanding of the historical context to modern debates about corporate governance.

The outputs of the project will include a major refereed monograph, a number of articles and the dataset itself, which will be a significant resource for scholars working in the field of early modern and modern British business history. The dataset will be archived at AHDS History.






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