'Shareholder Democracies?' Corporate Governance in Britain, c. 1720-1844
Mark Freeman, Robin Pearson and James Taylor
Department of History, University of Hull

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EH.NET - EH.Net operates the Economic History Services web site and several electronic mailing lists. The site hosts a collection of bibliographies, databases, book reviews and other resources for the economic history community and those working in related fields.

H-Business - The discussion network for the Business History Conference, an international organization devoted to the study of business enterprise and organization and of all aspects of the interactions of business with society, government, and culture in a historical context.

Association of Business Historians - The ABH website carries details of conferences, prizes and publications in business history, including the journal Business History.

Economic History Society - The EHS website carries information on economic history, including the EHS annual conference and the Economic History Review. Members of the Society can log in and access a wider range of resources, including articles in the Economic History Review. The 'Shareholder Democracies' team presented a paper at the Economic History Society conference in 2005.

Social History Society - The SHS website contains details of the annual conference, and links to a range of useful resources. We presented a paper at the Social History Society's annual conference in Dublin in January 2005.

ESRC - The research for our project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The ESRC makes research grants and supports research fellowships in a range of disciplines.

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